Trade with confidence

FXORO is extremely mindful of its customers’ security and we work hard to provide nothing but the best customer service. Our clients can feel confident, knowing that we implement special safety measures to shield them from high market volatility.

Below, you will find a few of the steps we take regularly for our clients’ protection:

  • Negative Balance Protection
    This is a legally binding policy which guarantees that our customers’ accounts could not go into minus, so traders will never lose more than they’ve invested, even in cases of extraordinary volatility.
  • Careful Risk Management
    Our trained financial teams ensure that our clients and business are never overly exposed to any monetary disruption. We are well-fit to handle market instability with no interference to our regular trading services.
  • Investor Protection
    FXORO belongs to the Investors Compensation Fund (ICF). Consequently, in the unlikely event of the failure or instability to the company which might prevent it from fulfilling its financial obligations, our customers could be eligible to receive compensation. Kindly click here for additional details.
  • Instant Margin Protection
    FXORO uses automatic precautions and advanced technology to ensure that our clients have complete use of their trading accounts’ margin. At the same time, limits are carefully monitored to avoid negative balance.
  • Bank Accounts Segregations
    All of FXORO’s client funds are separated from the company capital and they are kept in leading banks for maximal protection. 

These unique security measures, as well as our excellent trading conditions and superb customer service, enable FXORO to remain a real market leader. We are committed to continue providing our clients with the highest security standards and we always have their best interest at heart.

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