Gold Bar


At FXORO, loyalty is an important company value. And one we take seriously. Trade stocks, indices, forex and commodities - with FXORO and benefit from your loyalty to us. To show you just how serious we are, we have decided to expand our promotion program to inlcude special, limited  bonuses to mark calendar events such as holidays, seasons and one-off events - available to only our most loyal clients.

To kick off our loyalty program, for the next three months, we are rewarding our clients who trade more than 2500 lots with a unique present to show our appreciation - one ounce of pure gold engraved with the FXORO lion. Value for value.

No forms to fill, no registration to complete. All you need to do is what you have been doing - trading. Trade and earn.

One more thing - you can still  participate in any other campaign/bonus offered by FXORO during the same time period. That's how serious we are. Get trading!!


Terms & Conditions

1  FXORO Gold bar campaign is valid  from 01/12/2016 to 28/02/2017.
2  Campaign is available to all FXORO approved live account holders.
3  In order to be eligible to receive the FXORO gold bar, the client must trade a volume of 2,500 lots during the valid time frame  of the  campaign.
4  Orders which are held for less than 3 minutes will not be included in the  lot count for the required volume.
5  Only orders that are opened and closed during the valid time frame of the campaign will be included in the lot count.
6  Prizes will be shipped to the eligible clients, within one week of being informed of qualifying trading volume.
7  FXORO reserves the right to disqualify any client under any  suspicion of misuse or abuse.
8  FXORO reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions  of the "Gold Bar" campaign or cancel it at any time.
9  Clients are eligible to participate any other campaign/bonus offered by FXORO.
10 Prize will be delivered to the address as written to the claim email sent by the Client. The Client will be entirely responsible for any additional delivery costs and tax/customs fees to delivery destination.
11 FXORO will not be held liable for any damages incurred during the transport of the Prize and or any defaults of the Prize.
12 FXORO reserves the right to use results of this campaign for advertising purposes.
13 The above mentioned terms and conditions of this campaign shall be read and applied in conjunction with the Company’s Bonus Policy.

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